The most criticized champions in the game, and why.

So recently I've been thinking: What are the current most complained about champions in the game, and why? What do they have in common? --------------------- #What champions do people complain about the most? The ones that immediately come to mind here are (these are not organized): * ##Zoe {{champion:142}} -Can CC you for longer than some ultimate abilities, even without landing her initial skillshot. -Can get and use random items and summoner spells from minions, as well as her enemy laner's. -One thing I learned very early on in the game is to dodge skillshots. Against Zoe, that is not enough anymore. On paper it doesn't sound bad, but the fact that it has NO decrease in potency, and an AoE larger than most jungle paths for a missed shot is disheartening. -Zoe is as well the only champion I know of that can have a fully built item's active without actually spending the gold to build the item. Not only that, but she can have the effect before she would have earned enough gold to purchase said item anyway. -And the last point: She can use your own summoner spells, which have until now been only for you and your team, to kill you. Again, with no decrease in potency. She also gets bonus movement speed for doing so, which makes her enemy unable to get away if they have no built-in escape and must resort to a spell that in any other case they would normally have just for themselves. * ##Akali {{champion:84}} -Can avoid turret shots while still dealing damage to you. -Can damage you and go invisible before you can target her. -Can not be targeted even when True Sight is applied. -Historically, if you stayed under tower, you would be safe. At the very least you could see everything bad coming at you. Well, that's changed now. What is the purpose of true sight if it doesn't let you target the enemy? This makes every champion without an AoE ability weak to her. Her shroud stays active for a seemingly long time, and she can stay in it, damage you, and then retreat back faster than most players can react. And even if you damage her while stealthed, she does not become targetable (such as with Teemo). * ##Yasuo {{champion:157}} -Can use your own minions against you. -Can completely cancel any enemy projectile instantly. -I'm pretty sure if you played an intro bots game today, it would still tell you to stay behind your minions if you stepped out too far. Staying behind your minions against a Yasuo is not a viable strategy. He can dash through anything you try to hide behind, with a 0.5 second cooldown or a 10 second cooldown if he wants to do it again, all with no mana or energy costs. -It doesn't matter how many projectiles you throw, until the windwall ends you can not shoot him until you reposition. It also is not placed, it comes from within him, so even if he casts it the milisecond before a shot would hit him, it doesn't land. * ##Neeko {{champion:518}} -Can use your own minions to CC you. -Staying behind your minions is not only a nonviable strategy this time, but a bad one. Her E goes through minions and roots you for longer the more minions you're behind. It has a fairly large range, too, so she's not even putting herself at risk to land this ability. ---------- All the champions I've listed break some of the rules you learn very early, when you start playing the game. There are many more champions than what I have listed here, and I would love any additions from anyone who has taken the time to read this. All I ask is that you don't make your post into a rant. Thank you for reading this far, and I hope to see you in the comments!
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