Yuumi just needs some buffs and ability tweaks

I think that Yuumi has potential but right now her abilities just aren’t strong enough. For instance Yuumi Q it’s very unique and a cool design with a good travel time but the damage is just to low. With her q damage being so weak it’s innefective to poke down an enemy without wasting all your mana or do anything in team fights because it only hits one target. Yuumis W is quite interesting and I enjoy using it but the fact it’s range is so short it becomes useless in team fights where a team might be more split apart. If yuumis ally who she’s attached to dies in the frontline Yuumi will be stuck in the frontlines with no time to run towards allies in the back lines. She’s just to squishy for her W not to have a scaling range that gets bigger each level, if her w did scale it would match her ability to give healing to allies and maneuver her ultimate across the battlefield. Now yuumis E I think it’s pretty cool and similar to taric heal but I feel like seeing how Yuumi has no hard cc other than her ult her heal is just useless because it really doesn’t do anything to help an ally from burst damage. Yuumis heal is just to small to make a difference. Yuumis passive is a really cool idea seeing how she shares adaptive damage and whatever shields she has she gives to her ally attached with W but the thing hindering that from being effective is the fact Yuumi is so squishy with a small auto attack range if she wants to make her passive useful she has to put herself in jeopardy although her W counts to counteract that her W range is as I said to short.

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