Assassins Should Not Have Hard CC, Period

Let's take a look at the most broken assassins in recent memory. {{champion:103}} Constantly a pro-play nightmare and a favorite of mid-lane smurfs for a reason. Her charm allows her to get off everything in her kit once it lands. You'd have to be blind to miss the follow-up. {{champion:7}} Another pro-play balance nightmare with a stun with the world's most inconsistent proc range. The stun guarantees the full combo and chunks for half your HP when it procs to begin with. {{champion:555}} Someone asked the question, "What if thresh and zed had a baby?" and this monstrosity is the result. A balance nightmare from day one of release and still gets a bi-weekly thread complaining about him to this day. {{champion:60}} Not so much an issue anymore but when she was an issue the biggest complaint high-elo players had about her revolved around her unusual gank paths and, you guessed it, her stun. {{champion:142}} Do I even need to explain this one? {{champion:246}} Then you have this. Someone decided that giving an assassin not just a stun, but an AoE stun that doesn't even have to hit you but a wall behind you. This is probably the most disgusting thing I've seen added to league in a while and 'overloaded' doesn't even scratch the surface. All of these have CC that lasts long enough to make Morgana blush and they shouldn't. It just turns them into balance nightmares. There's a reason {{champion:238}} , {{champion:91}} , and {{champion:121}} haven't had nearly the issues these others have had. Sure they've had their spot in the limelight but they were much easier to balance and bring in line because of their mechanics. They don't get an auto-win stun. Especially in a meta where even tanks are getting nuked in seconds by these assassins, they should not have hard CC. Give them a slow. Give them a silence. GIve them mobility. Don't get them stuns or roots.
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