Assassins have too much of an easy time getting to a carry

Let's say you have Lucian and his support is Lulu. Here is a short list of everything the Assassin needs to get through to get to Lucian: -Glitterlance's 80% slow -Whimsy's 2.25 second disable -Pix shield on Lucian -Wild Growth that provides Lucian with a ton of free health and a knockup -Locket's shield -Redemption -Frost Queen's Claim's active slow -Lucian's very low cooldown dash -Lucian's speed boost from his W -Bloodthirster's shield -Guardian Angel -If he bought it, Maw's shield against AP Assassins -Lucian gaining 100k health from lifesteal per auto attack -Lucian's Heal -Lucian's Flash -Exhaust I think there needs to be a class update that makes it harder for Assassins to do this. It's only fair considering the class they go after for kills has almost no way to survive against them.
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