How to fix no farm support item top laners the right way

Make it so the quest can not be completed unless someone is near you....Give it the changes that are coming in the next patch, but the moment it's quest is complete it goes back to normal, this way the top laner can't abuse it unless his jungler lives top lane for 2000 years. This way no gold is generated top lane with the item and the support gets to play normally without too much fear of the item changes, just needing their quest completed since most of the early game you are attached to the hip to your ADC anyway unless roaming. The overall change and thought by Riot is okay, but it shouldn't be something that lasts all game long. Supports should be allowed to make their gold once their quest is complete without someone sitting next to them... This fix is just to make top laners stop using it. Should be a better band-aid fix than what is currently live in my opinion.
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