People complain too much about assassin's

Winrates of assassin's Shaco 53.45% Zed 50.32% Nocturne 52.43% Talon 52.97% Akali 52.83% Rengar, Leblanc and Katarina are the only assassin's who need buffs right now because Rengar is sitting at a 48.94% winrate, Leblanc at a 48.46% and Katarina at a 49.48%. Every other assassin is in a good spot and they are receiving uncessary buffs. And yet people are complaining how the majority of the assassin class is bad (like always), but the assassin's who are actually good are being buffed. Zed for example, he has been buffed twise now, once on live where his R cooldown has been reduced and second time on PBE where his overall damage is being increased. I know that there are particular assassin's who need to be buffed because they either have a old kit {{champion:56}} or they are just underperforming with their reworked kit {{champion:7}}. Just why?
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