There is a good reason why AD are crowding out AP champions in mid lane

1. AP itemization is more expensive 2. AP itemization is not as good. Outside of Zhonya, there is not a lot of good effects. Little to no sustain. No get out of CC effects. No GA. There used to be a time when AD champions may have required the actives from items to survive, they no longer do. Many of their kits give them more than enough survive ability. 3. Turret siege advantage. If you go back once in mid lane, a Lucian/Corki can take it down 10 minutes. One bad trade, one gank..etc. 4. Itemization against AP is more effective. 5. Scaling. A Lucian, Corki, hell even Varus seem to be scaling better VS many AP champions. No, im not talking about the few AP champions that are still good. There are still naysayers, that's fine. I'm not saying ADC champions are the most picked in mid lane. That's not true. However, ADC champions are starting to crowd them out...slowly. Outside of 2-3 AP champions {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}}, there are not many AP champions left that can compete in pro-play. It's why so far in play-in stages, the amount of ADC champions compared to AP champions picked in mid lane is almost the same... Meanwhile bot lane, still mandatory to picked ADC
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