Are people banned in this game for being bad?

I listed this under Gameplay because that's what is has to do with, albeit not playing the game very well. When I play new characters, I typically learn them with bots, do well, then try them online. But even playing with bots on intermediate is not much of a challenge. So, I do much worse against people. This last game was a draft and I was assigned jungle. My typical jungle characters were all banned or taken, so I had to take someone I've never played before and did awful. I didn't even know the abilities. I died a lot. About nine times and no kills or assists. But about half of those deaths were from trying to and sometimes successfully saving another teammate (I used the scare ability on Fiddlesticks, who doesn't seem like a strong champion). After that, two or three of my teammates kept asking each other to report me for feeding. One of the guys was toxic right off the bat and I muted him. For some reason, he even started stealing the gold from monsters purposely. Curious if that's usually enough to get a ban.
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