This new Jungle

I actually like it. I mean back when Skilled Cap Challenger did a history of the jungle video and listed how Riot could treat it's current broken state they made a list at the end of solutions. Riot actually did two of those things in they took some of Red side's rewards and gave them to Blue side along with making it so camps spawn faster while giving a little less. They didn't do everything but from what I've played it actually reminded me of Jungle's Golden Age back in Seasons 4-6 where if you knew how to actually path and when to gank vs farm (Which btw Farming is viable again) you'd do good. It's probably cause I'm an old Jungler but I would much rather have this style of needing to properly weave ganking and farming than that bs over the last few seasons where I have to gank everywhere at once and 24/7.
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