Lee Sin is still around 18% play rate

For all you people that don't know, _that high-ass playrate_ is the cause of his lower winrate. Lee Sin isn't weak, nor is he """out of meta""" - or else he would be passed up for """more superior picks""" and not maintain the highest jungler playrate. Edit: Let's make this even more clear, because people are throwing around the phrase "fun to play" like nobody's business. If Lee was legitimately in the dumpster, doing little to no damage and being easy as fuck to kill - despite all of his hyper-mobile shenanigans - that wouldn't be fun, now would it? Regardless of how interesting or unique a playstyle, if it doesn't actually work, it's not going to be appreciated. Lee Sin has always been effective, hence why he's always been "fun to play", hence why he's always been meta.

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