Toxic game I ever have (unfair system, show me your priviledge GM)

People can blame on you and you can't blame on other. Creepy lol I pretty much want to delete the account. Worse and Worse game ever. Gave you ton of stupid teammate and can't ask them to do anything in favor lol 90% of people wont give you honor if you carry Why you even post honor level? because of money? lol really useless. Update for nothing. Much like before's version. LoL, Banned me because of a jungle never gank you know how this stupid eve annoying? please watch the video before you ban me ok? I have top champion and this eve never gank even she could? (free first kill) so i ask bot to change land which I carried? This Eve just pinged me and want me to stay at top? Toxic, I don't care any of your stuff ok? Let's make a deal? ban me longer time and I can stop to play this stupid game? I have 3 more account, just ban it together please? So man toxic teammate you can't control to argue with them. Somehow I will only ask them to do something in first instead of blame them. If they say some bad words, i will do so too lol ban me if you are a GM lol
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