Can we -please- implement a minimum of games played on new/reworked champions for ranked?

I'm not saying you have to be mastery 7 on them, but I would really like to not get trolled out of a ranked queue because someone gets confrontational over playing a new champion / rework that's likely to get banned. I just had to dodge a queue because our team was held hostage by someone who was going to troll, and although 3lp isn't bad it's still frustrating that: A) Nothing can be done about people who hold champion selects hostage and B) People go into ranked with a new champion that they've NEVER played before, causing their teammates to be immediately frustrated. Please, Riot. This really does create a toxic competitive environment for the game, especially for someone who just wants to play ranked without worrying about someone on either team trolling because they didn't get the new champion. Overwatch does this and it's nice because it provides some buffer time so that a new hero doesn't ruin the next week's worth of games for a lot of people, and it effectively makes it to where people go into the unlocking time with a better understanding of the hero and their strengths / weaknesses.
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