A Question on Yuumi´s Laning-Phase

Hey there, i love new champs, i love Supports, i love Cats. I do have big concerns about Yuumi and her laneing phase though. How is her ADC supposed to survive? Recently the laneing phase is mostly carried by Dmg and CC, which, i assume, Yuumi will not offer to a great extend. It might feel to the Adc like playing 1v2 early (foremost, utility-Supports doesnt offer great utility in the early game). Im curious how the Playtests results might agree or disagree with what im currently guessing. Is Yuumi really weak in the 2v2 laneing Phase and Shows off in Teamfights/ mid/late- game? Or what might prevent her laneing phase from beeing as bad as i assume? Best regards, Dust of Shadows [EUW]
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