Morg's Q has counterplay - but what about her E?

I notice a lot more people complain about her Q and think that is a little strange. I realize it has a huge hitbox, does a big chunk of damage and lasts as long as the Titanic movie, but it can still be dodged/QSS'd/Cleansed/Mikael'd. It's slow. What do you do against her shield? You hope to break through a shield that has large base values and a very good AP scaling ratio. It's a level 1 95 base shield for Chrissake. The AP ratio is 0.7 so it scales well into the late game. Somebody is going to point out that it only prevents magic damage, but sometimes that is an advantage because if you want to apply CC at all within that 5 second period, you will be forced to dish out enough magic damage to break it (spoiler: you won't) You planned out a great initiate, landed all your CC and are prepared to slaughter the enemy carry? Too bad, Morgana point and clicked and her Kog trots his way out of the fight. So somebody explain to me why her shield isn't the main rage-inducing fact about her kit
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