This is a disgusting excuse for an Olaf, Riot. (Jinx PBE changes)

Yea, I know these probably won't go through, and rightfully so. But it's disgustingly pitiful that they even made it onto the PBE in the first place. Jinx is a very balanced ADC, supporting a feast or famine(until 45 minutes) playstyle. This is good and showcases her weaknesses, while exemplifying her strengths. She's a late game hyper-carry that can eat towers and enemy champions. This is why I love her! I have 124 Ranked games with Jinx this season alone, and while I know there are some with far more, she is far and away my preferred champion of choice as a Gold 2 ADC main. She's bogged down with her own problems already. Her Zap doesn't do anywhere close to the damage it originally did, and while that's not that big of an issue, it sure does hurt her laning. But far more than that, her chompers take so long to proc that most people run clean over them without getting hit at all. And now you put these nerfs on the PBE? Jinx ! (R) minimum damage decreased to 25/35/45 from 125/175/225 ! (R) minimum AD ratio reduced to .1 AD from .5 AD Are you kidding me? You're nerfing her ult's damage by 100/140/180 damage at the three ranks, then reducing the AD ratio to .1? Is this a joke? It's a SUPER MEGA DEATH ROCKET, not one of Heimer's toy wrenches. What's the point of even shooting the ult now when my autos do more damage than this? Who pushed these to PBE? How did they get through internal testing? I thought we learned from Olaf, Veigar, and others that gutting a champion isn't the way to go. You're taking away all damage from her ultimate, HER ULTIMATE, with no compensation anywhere. I mineaswell start practicing my Kog'Maw because Jinx will have 3 abilities after this nerf. I know that these probably won't ever hit Live. I know that the PBE is used for testing. But to know that these were even considered and that they made it all the way to PBE is makes me question whoever thought it would be a good idea at Riot. When Jinx was released, all I heard from Riot was how much they loved her and the amount of work they put into her, including the music video and website teasers. Riot said there probably would never be a champion that stole the heart of so many Rioters ever again. And yet here I am, looking at these nerfs and wondering what the heck happened. Because someone obviously never wants her to be played again. That's my rant. Yes, I'm frustrated. Yes, I know it's PBE. But when my main champion has a gutting nerf on PBE, I'm going to complain at the only place I know I can and just hope that it changes someone's mind. I don't have access to the PBE boards so this is the only place I can do that. Thank you for your time.
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