Why Karmas passive needs to change

Or why Karma’s passive is very bilinear and has little skillexpression. #Hey there, recently Karma’s passive has been buffed and again the problematic of her passive came into my mind. While a lot of passives succeed in expressing skill and rewarding aggressive play, Karma’s fails at the first point and here is why: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > # But the cdr passive fits her kit! Without it Mantra would be meh! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is true, however the passive https://pre00.deviantart.net/a316/th/pre/f/2013/271/d/9/lol_karma_by_acesla-d6o9lg1.jpg * does not** interact** with her whole kit (only with Q/W) * does not have a **skill floor** on its own (mastering (R)Q/W means mastering the passive along). * does not fit her theme (wise leader who wants to protect her people vs ravenous woman who siphons power out from damaging enemies) * Ironically, the higher the cdr granted from the passive and the higher your cdr is, the **less skillexpression** via passive is possible. * Explained: The higher the cdr is you get, the less targets you need to hit to get your Mantra up. Pretty simple isn’t it? And when your Mantra cd is even reduced by cdr (40%+) you need even less passive procs. * Overall, a Karma with 40% cdr only needs to trigger her passive ~5 times to regain Mantra. So if you hit 2 enemies with your Q and you hit your W plus the time you need to perform that is enough to regain Mantra. * And because it grants so much cdr in late game and you already have a lot of cdr **it is not really important how many enemies you hit, but that you hit at all**. So its either you hit your Q/W or not. There is not much real gain from hitting more than 2 enemies with your Q. * Since the passive grants so much cdr you can almost safely use your **w just because of the procs** but not because it would be strategically wise. * You are **punished double** when you miss your Q/W. **Conclusion**: You get either a high reward for simply hitting Q/W or you get a high punish for not doing so. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Furthermore, if you hit, you gain your **Mantra every ~2-3 seconds**, which can be even lower than the cd of your basic abilities. So you wait for your base abilities to come up so that you can cast your ultimate to enchance them. That doesn’t really **_feel _** ultimate like to spam your Mantra like that, right? Do we really need a Mantra every 2-3 seconds to be impactful? To feel usefull? So you hit your RQ on 4 people as mid lane Karma, good job. Now wait till your Q comes off cd so you can cast RQ again. You used your RE? Well just throw your Q/W on someone somehow. Your damage is meh anyways as you rarely get your q on their carries and W is pretty much just for the passive to proc. Again, wait for your E to come off cooldown. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > # ------------------------------ So then just nerf it back? ------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This wouldn’t work so well because she simply does not have the kit nor the theme for an innate like that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > # --------------------------------------- The Solution? ---------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope in the coming rework that Riot will rework her passive entirely (and maybe somehow moving the current passive nerfed to her mantra). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are **your** thoughts?

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