Suggested change for annies tibbers

Off the bat I might come off as a whining or complaining, but hear me out, Right now annie can use her stun with tibbers for a guaranteed, burst damage stun with no counterplay other than to try and predict when annie is going to use the stun. Let's now remember that a very similar aoe insta-stun was nerfed heavily because of how unfair it is, {{champion:45}}'s E. It used to be instant, but it had little to no counter play so they added a short timer on it before it landed. My proposition(s): 1.) Annie can "throw" the bear, taking about .50 second to land in the area. This would look aesthetically pleasing and give enemies a little bit of time to react. 2.) The tibbers can be instant, but the stun has a timer before it pops off (Kind of like brands passive but with a stun in the end, and a shorter tick. These are my suggestions, I just feel the tibbers stun is super strong especially when she can just follow up with a full damage combo to potentially kill you, and I know a lot of antagonizing people are going to say "QSS" but I shouldn't be forced to buy an item and put myself behind because of something in the enemies kit. That's all, thanks for reading I appreciate it.
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