ARURF Club IS Pay to win. URF is dead

Paying for a pass for extra rerolls is paying to win. Im really sorry this is very long-winded but please bear with me. "Well you could get a worse champion" - If you lost the champion you rolled it would make sense but starting with {{champion:32}} , into {{champion:77}} into {{champion:60}} . Still leaves you with {{champion:32}} as your strongest pick. There is only an advantage to rerolls. There is literally no disadvtange so this arguement I keep hearing being brought up is absolutely bogus. What if the order were to be {{champion:77}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:32}} ? You would need the pass to get your "good" champion" Here's another example, lets say you get {{champion:105}} . What is stopping you from trading fizz to your friend or hitting roll and insta clicking fizz back in the pool and rolling a total of 2 champions if you will ALWAYS have 2 extra rolls? If your 3 (extremely unlikely but for the sake of arguement) rolls are {{champion:105}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:238}} Everyone on your team takes advantage of you spending money. If one team gets to choose from 10 random champs And one team gets to choose from 15 random champs I wonder who wins I rest my case. Closing statement: Look at how they took URF with bans and hard bans, where yeah, a lot of the same 30ish champs were played but most people knew exactly what they were getting into every game and turned it into ARURF where the game is won in champ select because we got {{champion:60}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:48}}. NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY THESE they are ENTIRELY OUTCLASSED by and not fun against {{champion:99}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:161}}{{champion:238}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:24}}{{champion:110}} . AND THEN THEY TURN TO P2W on the whats supposed to be a crazy, fun, stressfree, lighthearted gamemode because they know deep deep down that going 1/13 as {{champion:77}} wasnt your decision and you're not really having a whole lotta fun. Why not spend $10 to have a little more fun ay?

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