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I wish I had the guts to stop playing this game. I have made so many posts about this and nobody even cares. We are human beings, show some compassion for others points of view please. Although this 'rant' might say otherwise, I'm not stupid, and I am not bad at the game. Anyways. for the longest time I have been in bronze and I have not been able to break out. I have won my lane with their turret destroyed and 2-4 kills in almost every game. I have strong cs (65-80) at ten minutes, I build right based on current-meta pro builds and suggestions. I play viable champions and god-tier champions and have a few main characters that I know I am good at. And some others. I am good at trading and I can play any role, I know how to use momentum, I know how to gank effectively with whatever champion I am playing. But I'll tell you how I got there. IGN: EMHAWarlord Level 30 End of Season 3 Age: 11-12 I just get to level thirty. I am 11 at the time. I play Amumu, Elise, Jinx, Aatrox, and Garen. I go into ranked promotionals as soon as i can click the button. I play Elise and Jinx mostly with my older brother, 15 at the time, Bringerofjustis. We do pretty good at the beginning, and I am starting to think I could hit silver, possibly even gold off the bat! After 2 wins, I run into a BIG tilt. Eight losses in a row. Great. Here I was thinking I was silver material, at the bottom of the barrel. Bronze V. That whole year, I try my best to win and rank up. But after a while, after I pick up using Darius and Kha'Zix, I start to go nowhere. I change my name to Heartless Rebel. | MONEY SPENT: 100$ | IGN: Heartless Rebel | MONEY TOTAL: 100$ | Level 30 Season 4 Age: 12-13 Somehow, season 4 preseason doesn't allow me to retry my promotionals. So another year of being bronze 5 and trying to rank up. I still went nowhere. At this point on I started giving up Amumu and Elise and Garen. I Pick up Corki, Annie, and Nidalee. I go up one division, and I finally regain my faith. Then I drop again, and every game from then on feels pointless. The end of season 4 hits and I feel a sense of relief as I get to start over. A new champion comes out torwards the end. I make it my DUTY to make sure that I will become good at that champion. Can even this break my new tilt? I change my name to Nightcore. | MONEY SPENT: 250$ | IGN: Nightcore | MONEY TOTAL: 350$ | Level 30 Season 5 14 Oh boy. Finally, I get to retry promotionals and get higher elo. This is when It gets serious. Like get addicted to LCS, skip on homework, watch videos and constantly play this kind of serious. I play my promotionals and I do six out of ten wins. Finally! Mastering Yasuo finally got me somewhere. What does that give me!!!!? BRONZE. FIVE. AGAIN. Tilt happens again and I start to lost faith once again. I pick up New champions, and I give up oldies like Darius or Aatrox or Khazix. The whole time all I do is drift between bronze V,IV,III, and II. I couldn't get higher for some reason. Until I find him. HIM. My champion, as if designed by and for me. Rengar. I spam him and instantly get to silver V. This is where it gets worse. I try to fight vs people in silver V and instantly get demoted. Demotion after demotion lands me in Bronze IV. This is where it all changes. I get good at cs. i got yasuo and annie up to 100 cs at ten minutes almost every time. I pick up Vladimir and Shaco AD. I do good but land in bronze III Before ranked ends. I lose interest in Annie. Too bad, I just got all her skins literally so I feel bad. End of season 5 now. Yay. Still not even close to where I belong, Plat IV. | MONEY SPENT: 200$ | IGN: Nightcore | MONEY TOTAL: 550$ | Level 30 Season 6 15 Promotionals again. New false hopes and new false dreams that are next up in the chopping list. 4 wins and 4 losses at the moment. Look me up sometime on lolking or friend me on league of legends. Hopefully I can get higher than bronze this time. 3rd times the charm. I can't get the guts to give up after all the money I spent. That is the only reason why I haven't quit. I hope Riot actually pays attention this time and has the time to read this long story. But whatever. Please leave comments. I want to talk to you guys.
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