Shyvana Buff is Lazy and Doesn't Sovle Any of Her Problems

This seems to be a lazy buff. To me it seems like Riot finally heard enough complaints about how people utterly hate Shyvana's awful passive so they just decided, "fine we will buff her." But this is not what players want or what Shyvana needs. Shyvana's stupid gimmicky passive really is bad. I'm talking about the armor and magic resist gained from killing dragons. That part is just a stupid gimmick added seemingly without reason to her kit. If by some act of a higher being Shyvana can manage to get all the dragons up until just over 30 minutes without delay she can earn a total of 30 armor and 30 magic resist. That's great and all, but if this is the case then there is almost a 95% chance that the team Shyvana is on already has the game sealed up, so it was meaningless and any less is pretty negligible. Riot needs to scrap this part of her passive and give Shyvana power where she desperately needs it. Shyvana has insanely long cooldowns early game, and could really use a buff on those, or she could use a way to CC her targets. Also she does not need to kill dragons faster. She already kills them quickly and she would receive little to no benefit from this. So Riot should not just insert this idea that took them 5 minutes to think of and actually look into what huge problems Shyvana has right now and try to fix that.
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