Zed overkill at pro play from 100-0

Cass has not hit level 6 yet but it does not matter, zed just simply flashes to R and drops cass from 100-0 with 30% overkill damage BALANCED BTW OMEGALUL and ll stylish still thinks the champ is weak xd he needs so many nerfs its not even funny. [https://youtu.be/GgXw-9v0d1U?t=9](https://youtu.be/GgXw-9v0d1U?t=9) Edit: for those who missed the point of this post. Before level 2 all ins became a thing you had to do these things called "trades" in lane where you poke each other and try to get each other down to like 50-70% health before all ining. Point is damage is just stupidly high. even if cass rushed {{item:3191}} she would have still been overkilled THAT IS THE PROBLEM. i literally have 150k points on zed and i want him nerfed? why? cause it is not healthy for the game. TDL got massively buffed, ignite got massively buffed, lethality introduction. Assassins shouldnt overkill they should just kill. It does not matter whether or not she had flashed she had no business being 130-0 mind you zed had half an item and only 6 points in his abilities. How does that warrant a 130-0 play? It is early game where you don't blow up anything that comes close to you. [https://youtu.be/mnohyzibsv0?t=196](https://youtu.be/mnohyzibsv0?t=196) check those few seconds. brofresco hits a perfect W Q AND BARELY DOES ANY DAMAGE that is balance that is how damage should be. (inb4 lol he has no items) so you are saying dirk makes u go from 10% of enemies max hp to 50%? hmmm guess dirk needs a nerf then? TLDR: nerf all assassins or lower damage by 30% overall in the entire game like you did with arurf on some champs. (this is coming from an assassin only main who plays pretty much nothing but assassins)
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