sooo yeah ranked in a nut shell

sooooo i made a smurf to play with my lady right, no im not amazing im literally low gold on my main and my lady is like high iron low bronze shes learning. I am in this predicament where in norms its always putting us vs silver to diamond and i mean on both accounts even pre 30 was getting plats n diamonds with 2 unranked players with crap win rates. so I suggested lets try ranked maybe it will be a little better during placements okay fine majority of games were vs silver- plat fine its placements. finally get placed into b2 right okay lets go something close to her level nopeeeeee we get put vs high silver with a gold 4 and a gold 2 vs my low silver team and the 2 bronze players like what the actual fuck is that lol. i cant find anything where i can play with my lady where she wont get stomped by golds and up in any fucking que. p.s. now that i have stopped ranting i stand corrected my team was 2 bronzes 2 silvers 1 g4 the enemy was mid silver with a g4
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