New Ezreal Voice :(

I love Ezreal, most of it was the voice and the splash art so I was okay with the in-game model. I like the new look he has but I hate his new voice and lines, he used to be very cocky and arrogant, now he's all that plus a spoiled sounding rich kid. They should have given him the lux treatment and just kept the same voice, atleast that's what I wish would of happened as a Ezreal Enthusiast. Edit: Same VA or not I don't like his new voice Edit2: I don't like the way they executed some of his lines as well. I think there's still a good chance for Ezreal with this rework since we've only had a few lines given to us. Edit3: I still miss his old voice and some of his lines I don't like, after seeing the special interactions video I think I can adjust to this change, in the end it's alright.
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