Undo the Mage CDR changes. its ruined Mage Item diversity

Mages/Midlaners complained when ADCs got access to CDR saying things like "but WE NEED CDR WHY DO THEY GET IT"? withotu understanding that the reason is because not all ADCs want CDR. For Mages, AP and CDR was the only meaningful itemisation choice. By letting them have their cake and eat it to, you not only made mages OP, you killed item diversity. In the past, mages had to pick between defensive itemisation, penetration, Raw AP and CDR. The choice between Raw AP and CDR was the choice between more uptime of spells for utility and DPS, or raw Burst and damage potential on a single rotation. That choice is dead because mages get both now. Back in the day, a Veigar had to decide he wanted to give up early AP for more CDR to have his Q up more to farm with and have his E up more often for utility and protection. Now he doesn't. With Easy access to CDR with no compromise to his AP building, he is able to have his level 1 J4 ult that last for 3 seconds and stuns you for almost 3 seconds when you touch the edge regardless of when u touch it on a 7 second Cooldown without compromise. That compared to a standard 14 seconds with a NO CDR build is MASSIVE amounts of zoning and crowd control he is contributing without having to compromise AP stacking. It was a mistake and a clear example of Riot caving to player outcry instead of sticking to principles. Despite the dissatisfaction of mages players right now, mages have dominated the meta for 3 seasons straight now because of these changes, and its because having your cake and eat it too only _sounds_ fun. After a week, it's boring. Being overturned isn't fun for long stretches of time. Don't even get me started on StopWatch. But by all means if i am wrong, i'd love to hear people's reasoning. Comment down below please and thank you let's get this discussion going.
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