The Blame Game

Stop playing the Blame Game and start playing League of Legends. As soon as you start playing the Blame Game, you cannot win. You do not deserve to win. You are doomed to lose. Even if your top laner went 0/10, you still have to be nice to them. Give them tips, like "Can you try to stay under your turret for now? I'll come gank soon." or "Don't 1v1 right now, you're behind, try and just farm." or "Do you think you could buy a pink ward so you can spot when the jungler comes again?" or if you're the top laner: "Jungler, I haven't gotten a gank yet, I would really love one soon! :)" Word your advice nicely. If you blame or criticize harshly, people will get defensive and fight with you. Be the bigger person. You cannot play the Blame Game and League of Legends at the same time.
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