Okay, apparently we can get demoted while playing on other roles

But we can't get promoted? I'm sorry, but this isn't fair. As someone who is a terrible top laner, I had to play top, only to lose the game, and end up getting demoted on my main role (support). I understand that splash LP loss/win is in order to prevent people from just straight up trolling, but I do not believe it is an actual reflection of someone's skill. I don't want to be punished/rewarded for winning or losing a completely separate lane than the one I actually care about. This new system is much more punishing than the old one. You can theoretically get demoted for all four other roles by losing one game on an off-role, but can't win a promos, meaning if you lose one game on an off-role, you'll have to win at least three more to make up for the other roles' losses, should you get demoted. IMO, there are other solutions to this issue, but the current one isn't too great. Harsher punishments to discourage trolling, could be one.
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