We really need more slots for emotes, and here's some ideas

Considering the consistency and quantity of new emotes Riot is releasing, those that actually actively use the feature are very clearly feeling its current limitations. Put plainly, it feels terribad that we can only take a tiny fraction of our unlocked emotes into matches. So, how do we fix this, without overburdening the UI? Cause let's face it, the reason the current emote wheel works so well is because it's designed well. You've got your central emote (which a part of me feels like should be a cancel button like the ping wheel, honestly), and then one emote per cardinal which allows plenty of room for error when selecting in the heat of the moment. The answer is actually very simple. Don't add more slots to the emote wheel. Leave it in its currently well designed state, while instead taking advantage of all these triggers that exist in the client for champion voice lines. We have only two contextual emote slots, for start of match and during victory. For one thing, why only victory? Add a slot for defeat too, some of us would love to toss a snarky emote out (all in good fun, of course)! So here's a shortlist of contextual slots that could be added, that would simply hook into existing gameplay triggers: * On killing an enemy champion. * On taking a tower. * On taunting an enemy. * On being taunted by an enemy. * On joking. * On an enemy joking. * On laughing. * On an enemy laughing. * On purchasing certain items (not sure how this trigger actually works). * On receiving buffs from allies. * On receiving debuffs from enemies. I could keep going on and on, but I'm pretty sure the point is clear enough now. I invite those reading to take a look at their emote inventories, and just imagine the possibilities this would give you. Certainly, my fellow emote collectors can see so much potential here. Thanks for reading, and have a good one! {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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