Champion themes that have not been explored

Hey guys, just wanted to throw it out there that there are dozens of cool archetypes and concepts that haven't reached league but have hit other Mobas, Hack n slash games, and RPGs off the top of my head The Psyker: Psionic powers, usually a blend of Ki and mind control. and telekenetic force The Mirror mage: Neeko is so close yet so far: The mirror mage is one who reflects spells back at casters while using the illusions of a house of mirrors The Mongol warrior: Mounted archer, I can see why but still it is a unique archetype not touched on in league The Magus-Tank: A DnD trope, a Spellsword who is also a barbarian, gap closing teleports, charges, and a fiery lightning sword or something of the sort Spell Thief: That guy who copies the last spell he saw you do, and learns it wrong but applies lessons he learns from other spells too The Symbiote: The thing that attaches to friendlies to buff them Two Headed ogre: Think Cho'Gall in heroes of the storm, I think it's a marvelous idea The General: Seriously someone who does nothing but command minions, droping spawn points, turrets, offering map pressure, possibly not even a formal champion but instead an omnipresent being. The Squad: 2-4 mini champions who are controlled by 1 or two buttons each on your normal keyboard The Immortal: Respawns quick and in the middle of the rift somewhere, does things when dead So yeah i find it cool since a lot of these are pretty common tropes. What do you think?
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