My midlaner rage quit last game and i cant honesly say i blame him....

My midlaner rage quit last game after getting camp in early game with near like 9 ganks in around 8 mn and Honesly, I cant blame him. What i blame tho is riot because this's riot fault and Why do i think this's riot fault ... Its riot fault for keeping this jgl difference win meta and afk camp lanes with out any consequences or punishement, Its riot fault for for not doing something about this duo top/jgl or duo/mid being an autowin laning phase bc what can i do ? Im being camped and my botlane is 1/6 by then and my jgl is god kn what his doing. Its so frustrating honesly, That last kassadin last game never passed the mid center of lane and yet he got pretty much kicked out of game bc simply enemy duo mid/jgl can camp and even if he survive it doest matter because jungler doesnt not get punish enough for camping lane and opposite, They get rewarded with the share exp and plats so Bascly if u got gank and u lost ur flash, U gona get camp for rest of game and Thats pretty much it and so on. And for all how say jgl is weak, The top 10 rank of every serveur are bascly 6 junglers and 4 other role which say clearly despise all crying jungler main on twitter saying, Jgl still is most dominate and impactfull role. Hell its even dominate in Proplay... Solution to this personnaly i think it will be to do rework to jgl and start by removing this stupid scutle change that ruined everything, Nerf jungler wave clear early game so theycant afk full clear then go seed for minute in toplane bush camping but Buff jgl camps exp and at least nerf share exp and remove plats from game bc its most r%%%%%ed change in game after scutle.
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