Am I The Only One Feeling Like My Losses Are Outside Of My Control?

I know that if I played perfectly in each scenario, that I could potentially carry these games to victory. There are just so many champions that, once fed, are unstoppable. But I have literally lost 50% of my recent games on Nocturne, and all but 1 I was doing amazing. I get the majority of dragons, I have stolen baron on many occasions, I gank a lot and don't take the kills most of the time I gank early, I power-farm to 6 with Nocturne, and I do good myself in every game. As a jungler I cannot help every single lane do good, but it sucks that one lane loses hard and the game flips around from a win to a loss pretty fast. I do have a tendency later on in games to die once the enemy becomes more ahead based on greed. I am working on fixing that. But seriously, once a game becomes slightly favoring one team, it's usually impossible to come back. I consistently do good for my team and focus objectives, and as an assassin, kill and focus priority targets, even when we lose games. There are even games where I do f*** up and should lose the game, and then somehow my team wins 1 single teamfight and snowballs from there, and I sit there wondering why we're winning now. This whole game is so explosive now. This has affected my ranked games as well. Both of my ranked provisional losses so far were games where 1: I was doing great and 2: we were winning at the beginning. Then one teamfight goes wrong and the entire game flips over. I still did good on my losses. It's just aggravating because it feels outside of my control.

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