Riot nerfing Marksmen has completely screwed up the bot lane

So I understand some people are so hyped over finally getting those adc nerfs, but coming from someone who pretty much only plays bot lane it is starting to become extremely cancerous and exhausting to play in the bot lane with the current meta. When marksmen were in power they were very strong as we all remember through season 7 especially they dominated team fights with their damage outputs and were well in need of nerfs to tone them down. However, Riot not only nerfed marksmen, but pushed them almost completely out of bot lane because of it. Their new philosophy apparently is to keep marksmen viable, but the bot lane open to other classes than marksmen. Removing the marksmen class has not only screwed up bot laning, but team fighting as well so I'll break down the multiple problems that this is causing. Bot Lane : Laning Phase so let's start off with some popular picks in the bot lane lately that I have noticed. {{champion:161}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} The one thing all of these champions have in common is constant poking ap damage especially high during laning phase which is often combod with another damage dealing support. When my team mate in many matches picks a marksmen into these matchups they are easily outdamaged in early trades as they scale with items and most marksmen don't start out with good damaging abilities to keep up suspended trades or outpoke the opposing laner. This forces us to play lane safe and try to farm up for mid game. This rarely works out in the end though as the lane is shoved into turret and due to their kits having such high range and being poke oriented they outrange my marksmen and either poke him low enough to recall or end up getting a kill. The only solution at all to this problem is the jungler giving a gank, but many times the bot laners are already too poked to help engage in the gank with my experience. I'm not saying jungle can never pull a gank off against these matchups, but it is very difficult to pull it off without anyone dying from the damage output. Marksmen: Midgame So now that the marksmen is extremely behind as he constantly ate poke trying his best to farm under tower he is also behind in itemization which has already been nerfed to be weaker than old ADC items at late game, but extremely nerfed compared to previous adc items for the mid game. If team fights breakout the marksmen are supposed to shine, but instead they lack any damage output 9 times out of 10 and midgame the enemy starts to snowball their advantage. Marksmen can't keep up with the constant aoe ap damage rotations of spells that are being thrown by mages until late game. Marksmen: Lategame Now you might say this is where marksmen are supposed to shine in the late stages of the game, but from my personal experience it becomes even harder for the marksmen as they try to find a way into the team fight they are easily one shot due to the high damage creep of the game. I do my best playing Rakan to keep them alive, but I've seen my adc going from 1600 to 0 in 2 seconds from a vel'koz combo or zyra combo too many times to count. The question is why even pick marksmen? Riot might tell us they have better seige and teamfighting potential, but when you look at the benefits of choosing a mage bot lane they far outscale those of choosing a marksmen. The old vision of riot was to have teamfights that lasted maybe into the double digit seconds around 14-20 seconds would be seen as a balanced team fight if both sides are playing it well. Nowadays there is way too much burst and damage creep to have a marksmen around that riot's new vision for is "bleeding them dry from a thousand cuts". Who cares about a marksmen killing someone in 12 autoattacks if a mage can do that in 2 spell rotations?

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