Diana's laning phase needs major buffs after these changes

You get dumpstered by ranged champions until level 6, while being unable to control the wave because your entire kit is AoE, and then.. You just continue to get dumpstered. Where as before, your level 6 power spike was enough of a threat that it forced your opponent to play defensively. Now, post-6 is exactly the same as pre-6. Your opponent just zones you off the wave 24/7, you inadvertently push the wave with your Q if you try to CS from range, and then the wave reaches your turret and your passive makes you lose CS. You don't have the damage to kill your opponent in a single trade, and need to land 3-4 Q's before you can actually go all-in, at which point you'll likely be too low to do so. This either needs to be reverted, or she needs to be given survivability/sustain to put her on par with champions like Mordekaiser and Sylas.
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