Ori ball range indicator for allies

Okay, so this has been brought up in the past, it has several times gotten positive feedback from Riot. But for some reason they have not as far as I know, done anything about it. Its about the idea to give an ally that has the ball on him, a range indicator for the leash range. so they can see the same circle that Ori sees when you shield someone. its really a small thing, that should not take any time to put in. it would mean a lot to people playing Orianna. She has a super impact full ult, that can make or break a teamfight. missing it, just because the malphite decided to ult a little behind the enemy, instead of in front or right on top of them is just a stupid thing that would be so easy to avoid. having to wait until the ult lands, check to see if the ball went of him or if its still there, and then reacting and ulting is not a good way to play. ori ult is pretty slow and can easily be flashed, not being able to instantly ult makes it sort of useless if the enemy has any sort of movement ability or simply has flash up. I want to bring it back up, because 3 years ago, a person from riot said this would definitely end up on "quality of life change list". Still its not here, as far as I know, not by default anyways. so please, if you work at riot, and you think this is something worth adding, do a little something to make the right people talk about it. Its a small job, the range indicator is already there for Ori, all we need is to have the same indicator show up for whoever has the ball on them. I cant leave this without expressing a certain disappointment that such a small change has not been done in 3 years.
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