I dont understand why people dislike Zed so much

He probably has the most fair burst pattern out of all the assassins. Seriously. {{champion:84}} just point and clicks you to death {{champion:105}} bursts you from untargetability {{champion:91}} drops his full combo in like half a second. Also insanely strong at level 2 {{champion:121}} also blows his load in a second {{champion:55}} can also burst you in well under a second with instant blinks Then you have {{champion:238}} whose burst gives you a 0.75 second warning that he's now going to attempt to burst you and another 3 full seconds before it pops. I really dont understand why out of all the assassins, {{champion:238}} is disliked the least. His burst gives you sooooo much time to react with flash, shields, zhonyas, exhaust, peel, etc I mean even compare him to a lot of burst mages {{champion:1}} R + W + Q + Thunderlords = dead {{champion:134}} miss all skill shots, press R and kill you from 50% HP {{champion:99}} You can dodge the first ten 1175 range snares. Get hit by the 11th and deleted from 1k+ range {{champion:45}} it appears to be 30 minutes into the game. Q + R = dead And those guys all have massive range on their damage and drop their combos much faster than {{champion:238}} Can anyone explain to me why {{champion:238}} is so disliked? He gives you just under 4 whole seconds to react to his burst. I don't understand why he is disliked more than a lot of others
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