Please do not change anything about katarina.

Only issue is gunblade in general not the champion, same with storm razor/hail of blades on jhin. No one complained about kat when she was pick/ban status broken with the assassin rework where she could turret dive level 2 and burst any midlaner without even using ignite. Ye no one complained about her Shunpo/cd then cause it felt "smooth" cheesing someone level 2. Now that she is tier 3 and 49% winrate people are loosing their minds coming up with any excuse to get her some buffs (which she does not need) For example her shunpo awkward interactions Like, oh noes i clicked E got to my new location but still got stunned D:, have you ever tried flashing from blitzcrank when he hooks/knocks you up? You have? well then i have some bad news, it's part of the game and is meant to be that way. Oh you clicked AA and then shunpo away only to start running back to original AA target? maybe you know, click on your new target. i never have this because i click on my targets rather than mindlessly click e and do nothing afterwards. "oh kat is too easy to outplay obvious weaknesses" Her entire gimmick is to be patient and wait for her moment to jump in. You are supposed to be a good teamfighter not a 1v1 a zed alone champ. She is an AOE assassin who excels at team fighting/cleaning up. Name another assassin who gets ability resets on kills/assists. It is her style to let her team chip down/take cc and then go in and clean up for that easy penta. You can 1v1 others but that requires too much mechanical skill for you now, so you complain. After nerf katarina got a 1v1 kill on faker.... Do i need to say anything else? She clearly is not weak, she has outplay potential, the fact that zed kills you is your own damn fault. Katarina with gunblade has one of the most overloaded kits in the game and you complain that she is weak simply cause you can't win a 1v1 in laning phase? All they are asking for is to revert her to the skilless version that required as much skill as peeing while sitting down. DO NOT DO THAT! They are asking to remove an abilities cast time (which btw is a major buff that would require some sort of a compensation nerf) IT IS NOT A QoL CHANGE. They are asking for buffs that would break katarina and make her pick/ban status just like when the assassin rework came out. Sincerely, fellow {{champion:55}} main. Edit: Please don't make the katarina community anything like shaco/fizz/zed/yasuo mains ty. (obviously busted champions that always need buffs, and making countless posts about them)

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