Teach Me : Tryndamere

So I just bought Trynd, and am looking to have him be my biggest main both top and jungle. How exactly should I be building him, since i see a value in both {{item:3087}} and {{item:3077}} (either full item) in terms of waveclear. I know that my only mission in games is to take objectives (and team fight on the side) so I was wondering what other items i should incorperate ({{item:3031}} is an obvious, but beyond that i don't know what i should build after). p.s. How can i waveclear fast early game without losing loads of farm? Early on I suffer because I can't reliably AA either with a crit or without, and when i am not waiting until the last moment to last hit i end up losing a lot of CS. Is there a way to push the lane before backing that i am missing?
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