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Hello there fellow summoners! Long time 1000+ ARAM games player here. I wanted to discuss the simple changes made to champions on ARAMs, where a champion receives a straight up % damage dealt or % damage received buffs or nerfs. Generally I don't think the idea is bad. It is a time efficient way for RIOT to balance ARAMs a bit, so that the picks like Sona don't become 70% win rate all of a sudden. What I think is bad in that approach is the fact that imo RIOT either doesn't play ARAMs at all and just uses stats for all balancing purposes or they play them on a bronze and lower level, which makes for a very limited efficient team compositions. Basically what I am trying to say is: poke comps aren't the strongest comps. There are situations where these comps shine and just completely smash the opponents. BUT, they are hardly the best comps. Generally a strong 2 or more tanks line up with a lot of cc and at least one big damage dealer. Is good enough to beat 90% of other compositions. Tanks are the most useful class on ARAMs, all people who play ARAMs a lot know that. The amount of CC they have combined with their survivability and the fact that the snowball is the strongest summoner spell in the game makes them nigh unstoppable. What I am trying to say is that ARAMs are far from being poke-sided. Really. Maybe in lower ranks where people don't really know what to do that is the case, because you will eventually be poked down. However smart players know how to leverage powerful picks that don't have poke in their kits. With all that out of the way I just wanted to point out that I am really puzzled by some changes made by RIOT to champions. I'd like to point out a few that I like and then those that I disagree with. {{champion:37}} -15% dmg dealt and +15% dmg received {{champion:57}} -12% dmg dealt and +12% dmg received {{champion:77}} +10% dmg dealt and -10% dmg received These changes make a lot of sense. You have all around power house like sona that provides too much sustain, too much utility and too much damage. Then there is an example of a durable tank with tons of CC, nerfs on these guys on ARAM make a lot of sense because of how potent they are. They deal too much dmg while being able to withstand assault of many foes (aftershock helps not gonna lie). And then there is a case of very immobile melee champion that doesn't provide a whole lot. Even with such buffs champions like Udyr can still be underwhelming, but that's just because of the nature of one lane 5v5. However it allows them to be at least a budget Maokai or perhaps a budget Irelia. Now with the disliked changes. I'd like to show some examples, talk about them, and just show general mistake in the balance of said champions. There are many champions that fall into similar categories so there is no need to talk about all of them {{champion:84}} +18% dmg dealt -12% dmg received There are more champions in this category, Talon, Qiyana or Evellyn to name a few. Basically these champions don't need any buffs. They are very powerful on ARAM, and that's again because of the strongest summoner spell {{summoner:39}} . Snowball allows assassins like these to go in, use their whole kit to try and assassinate chosen target and get out with the mobility tool they would ussually use to get inside. It's all around unnecessary buff that just makes assassins that much more efficient and safe. {{champion:145}} +12% dmg dealt This is very unique champion on ARAM so I should talk about it a bit more, but the basic gist of it, is that Kai'sa on ARAM can fit 2 roles perfectly. Either a great poke mage, or a late game adc. She really doesn't deserve this buff, as she is insanely strong adc, and her poke version just completely demolishes any team comp without sustain or hard tanks. {{champion:142}} +5% dmg dealt Zoe is a very strong burst mage that doesn't have any problems fulfilling her role on ARAM, BUT she can also be a strong poke mage, and buffing already strong champion like that just goes against RIOT's policy to nerf champions like Vel'koz or Ziggs so I really don't understand the idea behind it. {{champion:126}} +5% dmg dealt Very similar case to Zoe, this guy just fits into any ARAM comp is all around good. Nothing wrong with that, but he has the almighty poke, that RIOT just hates, so why is he even buffed in the first place. In his case, I don't see any rank where he could have less than 50% win rate on aram. {{champion:350}} +5% dmg dealt You propably know that Yuumi is strong on SR. Well turns out on ARAM she is even stronger, because of how much money she makes by the passive generation. Just for comparison this girl almost always has the biggest damage in her team, surpassed only by champions like Karthus, made mostly by her 4 seconds cooldown Q empowered by ludens, deathcap and whatnot. {{champion:4}} nothing That is just an example of a champion that would deserve the above buffs much more than the champions who actually received the buffs. TF isn't terribly weak on ARAM, but he is definitely outclassed by many other champions. To summarize I am really not sure what is the goal with these changes, as ultimately RIOT doesn't seem to stick to one Ideal. Some of these changes are nice and then some are terrible. the weirdest part to me is that any ARAM player would be able to point out that at least 50% of these changes are undeserved. Thank you for reading my scribbles, peace.
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