Let poppy Q ignore bonus Armor. or some of it.

Ok. this will not make poppy kill squishies any faster. because bonus armor. or make her shit on tanks. rather be at least a threat. because you can ignore her damage for minutes if you have 1 armor item anyway let me give you my reasoning. there are two ad tanks in the game. sion and poppy. both have some %hp damage. poppy in her Q. and sion has some mixed damage and percent damage on his shield. now am not comparing sion and poppy. am contrasting sion has armor shred on his E. which is overlooked. but its essential for sion because he needs it against tanks. he also has decent magic damage on E and W. poppy doesn't have this. but tank as an ad tank top. poppy has to be a threat to other tanks. am not saying she should one shot tanks. because she won't. but she has to be able to deal a respectable amount of damage to them. not just tanks. but really anything that rushes armor early or mid game. she doesn't really scale well with damage which is fair. you really dont do much damage on poppy if you build ad than not. because her ad scalings are really bad and her base ad is decent anyway. she should be able to ignore some of targets armor. just on her Q at least. nothing else. just to be able to deal with anyone that isn't full squish top lane. imo poppy has received the harshest nerfs of any tank in the game (this is not counting itemization because duh it applies to all tanks). shes sitting at 47% winrate after the "buffs" . with a massive 1% playrate. shes too weak especially considering shes supposed to counter the highest picked top laner. in riven. tldr: make her Q ignore bonus armor or some of it. so that she can actually at least deal some damage to anyone with armor because she does nothing against armor. at least ap tanks benefit from the fact that MR is limited and rarely rushed.

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