Alot of hate going out to certainlyT tight now

And it's because of his champion designs being so well rounded but I just want to mention a few other champions that he didn't make that are also frustrating designs just to get the guys back because it's not all certainlyTs fault. Fizz: only a weakness is his own use of his e Vlad: can escape anything and deals a ton of damage Leona: get stunned and die. Very little counterplay to that Rakan: ult + w combo is unavoidable cc. Ekko: has broken the meta multiple times by building tank and also has an undo button Vayne: is a tank buster that busts everyone with 3 autos Ezreal: has broken every on hit ability in the game while being tough to catch Malzahar : free spellshield and a insta kill ult when followed up with a team. This makes for a free easy 4v5 in a team fight because you can't even stun him because of his spell shield.
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