[Proposal] Twisted Treeline gameplay update, New game mode & More. @Riot, Mort, Meddler

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Instead of creating a wall of text, we’ve put together a themed presentation, with slide animations and music to make the read more enjoyable. Rundown of what’s in it; 1. Twisted Treeline Gameplay Update * Ebonmaw & Vilemaw * Altars * Team Relics & Timers * Arcane Sweeper (TT trinket) * Jungle * Pool Party Treeline 2. Missions & Mission Passes * Champion Update / Reveal Videos * Champion Mastery * Map Optimisation 3. Legend Clubs * Legend Club EXP & levelling system 4. Dominion Gameplay Update * Introducing the 6th Capture Point * Domination Phases * Fortify (Summoner Spell) * Soul Anchor & Scrying Orb (Trinket Upgrade) * Kalamada’s Relic * Crystal Rainforest * Dominion Veterans 5. Grand Battle (New, Region-themed game mode) * Foundation * Map * Premise * Region-themed Matchmaking * War Status (Ranked Battles) * Announcer Voices * Jungle * Traitor / Defector Camps * Themed Mercenary Camps * Faction Encampments * Void Invasion * Grand Battle 6. And more. > #Notes The flashback feature within the presentation is only compatible with the PowerPoint 2019 / 365 for Windows / Mac & PowerPoint Mobile for Android, iOS, Windows & Windows Mobile. A compatible (but less efficient) alternative has been made for PowerPoint Web. If you have the full apps or a PC / tablet / iPad with the mobile apps, we recommend downloading the presentation for maximum efficiency. You may need to click “play” to start the music if you have “disable media autoplay” activated in your browser and if you view in full screen. Be sure to click “full screen” to the bottom left of the browser (not the one to the top left). If a black space appears to the top of the presentation in full screen view, in your browser, right click it, then click away from it.
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