As a Taliyah main, even I think she needs a mini rework

{{champion:163}} has struggled since her release to gain traction from players except from a few dedicated mains, and I can see why. Her kit has a few key issues and I think a mini rework (i.e. {{champion:102}} ) would help her a lot. Let me explain. As a control mage (Disruptor), she hardly does any controlling. {{champion:34}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:143}} do a much better job locking down an area with their abilities. Her E has too small of an AoE and feels underwhelming, and her W is too small as well. This is because her designers got too hung up on her E+W combo for crazy damage and these two abilities had to be heavily limited in how consistently effective they are for the sake of their damage not being oppressive. I suggest this be changed slightly. Reduce the damage from her E "knocked through", and then increase the area of effect. Secondly, increase the area of effect of her W and reduce it's cooldown. These subtle but effective changes will solidify her identity as a Disruptor, and make her much more interactive to play. Her E+W combo will still do damage, but being able to use each of those abilities by themselves and still have them be powerful catching and area-control tools gives her tons of utility to her team. This also fixes her current problem where she's just a machine gun/spam Q bot (because her W and E are either underwhelming or too hard too use). I personally would be very happy to see these changes.
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