cam garbage man

I know this might be judgy after having one game facing {{champion:164}} but i am bronze and i know i suck but one thing i am proud of is my ability to normally not let my lane be a freebie even when facing smurfs...and as it goes when i play darius i try to be very picky on my engages. But {{champion:164}} took me to the threshing floor with lil to no problem...i mean as soon as i saw her starting to out trade me i abandon the idea of getting {{item:3071}} as first item and tried to focus on holding lane and i like getting {{item:3512}} for lane pushing and playing safe...nope i kept getting poked even under tower enough to where i couldnt hold out too much and being the bronzy i was got desperate....then i found out what her ult does....all i need to say was i couldnt by myself drop her under half health at all , 5 stacks meh she shrugged it off , 3 other team mates with cc triple kill...and racking my brain i cant see any champs i know how to play taking her on...darius is my pride and joy when playing top and for me to get run over soo easily really puts a blow into my mental ability of is it even worth playing i brought out my best and couldnt even scratch it much less make her feel the need to be wary...I know my playing ability isnt that good but that feels like a low blow even in bronze...and i couldnt even pull her out of her ult to save my teammates......welp this turned out to is cam broken or am i just that bad of a player that i cant even face the new champ...Welp gl to yall

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