Nerf Fizz

**_Nerf Fizz_**, his winrate especially in low elo should already be a big enough indicator that champ needs a nerf. Hard nerf please bc his cooldowns are to low for how hard he bursts. He is to strong for how long he can be untargetable and then on top of that after he's unforgettable if he is on top of you he will still do 500 dmg unless u flash or zhonyas . In addition his ult goes through Creeps and has an insanely low cooldown. And his AP scaling is unjustifiable. He needs to get thrown either way. Lower Cooldown HARD or Lower DAmage and keep cooldowns. ALso his Ult going through creeps and having basically _no animation_ for you to see it coming is just unfair. Fix Rito its AWFULL youre able to pick him up and immediately win games without a sweat.
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