Aurelion Sol's play rate keeps dropping after (mini-)rework

Three patches have passed since Aurelion Sol was reworked. Since then his playrate has dropped from 1,4% to 0,9%, decreasing every single patch (according to despite the additional 65hp buff. Now his playrate is just as low as before his rework and may decrease even further, if the current trend continues. One of the reasons for that is that mains gave up on the rework by now and stopped playing him. Considering that his popularity did not increase and his winrate is still quite high (52.2% in 9.20 and 53.7% in 9.19), the rework did not solve any of Aurelion's "problems". Instead it made many mains unhappy without providing any important balance-changes (like the rework to Ryze and the nerfs of Aatrox). So, what really is the point? At this point, a revert of the rework might be the best option of preventing the champ from dying.
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