Extending Autofill Protection

Simple enough concept. This wasn't an issue with me personally, but I had an idea a few minutes ago. What if Autofill Protection was extended to also protect players either at 0 LP or 90+ LP? I seriously doubt the protection extension would impact queue times to any notable degree, and it would go a decent ways to insuring better quality games, as someone who had an unfortunate streak of games and potentially facing demotion would not also have to face the prospect of saving himself from demotion on a position they are less comfortable with. And the same principal the other way. If you are on a hot streak. You're at 98 fu**ing LP, and you just need to clutch one more game to hit that elusive promo series, it would theoretically be best if you were on one of your selected roles so that inexperience/uncomfortability doesn't potentially set you back 2-3 more games. This was just an idea I had and wanted to post it here and see what other people thought. Pros, Cons, all of that.

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