Xenogenic needs to see more use reworking outdated champs

for those of you who dont know, so far Xenogenic's track record consists of the xin zhao rework and most importantly nunus rework keep in mind he's behind the gameplay of the champs not the story etc. these two outdated champions have had in my opinion some of the best and most successful reworks gameplay-wise while keeping their core identitys and delivering on the champions fantasies extremely well, i think Xenogenic with his track record so far should be the go-to for reworking outdated champions and id love to see what he would do with champions such as yi and trynda. we need more reworks like xin specifically aka smaller reworks that revamp older champions while keeping their simplicity for newer players which is something very important that seems like it will be lost on future reworks with how reworks have been recently turning simple champions like akali and irelia into high skillcapped overloaded champions. it may just be luck sure but i think he has a very bright future as a gameplay designer at riot and i hope to see his name at least once in this years roadmap on the off chance they see this keep up the outstanding work Xenogenic!
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