Diana is so broken...

Before diana could be abused for a bad early game seeing as one of her abilities didn't even do any damage. Now with her having her dash she has enough sustain with her shield to easily make it out of laning phase. Diana has so much damaging abilities in her kit that in just one full combo including an empowered auto she can take half your health pre level 6, then after level 6 she's able to finish the rest of the combo with her R, bringing your health down so quick in the blink of an eye. Every diana i've seen gets fed. All. Of. Them. Even if I sweat my ass off in lane. Usually I play champs in order to find their weaknesses, but when I played diana I saw no weaknesses, the only weakness is if she makes a mistake. That right there is horrible game design. A character shouldn't be unstoppable unless they make the mistake, especially a champ as easy to play as diana. It's not like Kass where you can at least abuse his bad early and if you're an assassin it's wraps for Kass, it's counterplay. Like against a nasus if you abuse them enough before they get the spike you win. However diana is different. She is an anti assassin who also has an incredibly good gap closer while doing a bunch of damage which also counters mages, while she herself is a mage (and mage items are so crazy rn.) And not only is she not just restricted to one shotting one person like she used to, but except with multiple people with her ult scaling with the amount of people she catches in it. Combined with this and then her building rod of ages first item she becomes a one shotting machine while barely taking any damage AND having a shield. I feel like diana needs to be more vulnerable early. Maybe reduce the damage her W does and fix the hitbox on her Q so that it isn't as atrociously disjointed like it is. With a champ like diana if she scales to be an absolute monster mid-late then at least have her early be her weakness.
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