Balance the game for players not E-Sports

Let me start off by saying I am a complete and total fan of League of Legends Esports. When I first started playing this game I saw something about TSM and instantly got hooked to the team and competitive scene. I even bought a $70 Bjergsen Jersey because I loved TSM and pro-play so much. However, recently there have been changed made where Riot has even said they are being changed to help proplay. Riot has said they'd rather have people see more flashy and faster games so they can mesh more well with competitive tournaments and keep viewers excited. This is a horrible philosophy and I just wanted to throw out my own opinion on the matter so I can make peace with this. If League of Legends averages 30-40 minutes and isn't a snowbally game then who cares if it isn't going to do well in esports? Sure you can pack a couple thousand people in a stadium and try to hype it up as the game's future, but the actual game itself is the true power behind League of Legends. Millions of people log onto League of Legends all the time, and if you're going to keep towers week, games snowbally, and try to shorten game average times to ~20 minutes you're just going to kill your playerbase. TL;DR : Balance League of Legends around the online game, not the esports viewing experience.
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