@ Meddler, clarification about the 'Fighter Update'

I know that we're still a long ways off from this rework but I was wondering just how many champions you intend to tackle when it comes around. The main thing I'm curious about is which KIND of fighter will be reworked if the scope will be on the level of the mage and assassin update since there'd be no way to touch both types (That I'm thinking of anyway) since there'd be so many. What I mean by this, there are two types of fighters, there are the fighters that are auto attack based and all about carrying with their damage. {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:5}}{{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} And there are diving fighters that are more about a burst rotation of spells and tend to be more team oriented whether through utility, initiation or by being a wall of meat and damage the enemy can't ignore. {{champion:48}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:59}}{{champion:80}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:68}} The two types, while both being fighters, itemize very differently and their roles in the game are very different. One favors things like crit, lifesteal, attack speed, and on hit items while the other prefers raw AD, armor pen (Soon to be lethality) CDR and some tank items. Not only does tuning both types just based on their kits require a different thought process but so does tuning itemization. Placing both types in the fighter update would require looking into pretty much every item used by AD based champs. It would be the size of TWO class updates in one if it included both types. So coming back around to my point, how does Riot plan to handle such a large scope update? How do you plan on keeping a whole team working on the change required for something like this in sync with each other, especially in terms of itemization?
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