This game has went downhill, and so has Riot.

I hate the preseason so much, games are decided in 10 minutes just because all the new items, adc reworks are all fucking unreal. I'm gonna be honest here I think league is a great game and all, but ever since the release of season 5 I think it just went all downhill, Riot is trying to make us play this stupid LCS meta. I feel like they are trying to make this game way too competitive and punishing for every god damn player that fucks up, like if I give a kill in the jungle, I am completely screwed there is absolutely nothing I can do now. Their jungler can just come and fuck me up anytime and take my buffs because I am super behind, and yes there are times like where I should have been aware of the invade on my end, but most of the time its because of something really stupid and you shouldn't be punished for the rest of the game. Personally this may sound dumb, but I think Riot should make a new server for people who play the game to have fun and not just try hard every game and be forced to play their meta its so stupid that we need to be forced to play the game their way and not our own how we have fun. The game shouldn't be so snowbally and the chances of having a fun game that can be turned around is like 1/4000 games it is unreal how low the chances are of playing an actual fun game. All and all the preseason is stupid adc's are way too strong right now and are unreal. It's amazing how Riot still has pbe, because everything that people think just goes right to the trash can and is completely forgotten about. I understand the game should have some change, but season 3 was probably the most balanced season imo and shouldn't have been changed so much, in season 3 there wasn't a time where no game was able to come back and favor you. Riot is also completely ignoring on how they even got popular and think the players are just useless and they don't give a rats ass about us at all, they just want money. Riot never cares about how we think of the game it's only for the pro players. And they make way too much change and when the community hates it, they will never remove it because of their ego is too damn high to even care what we think just because they put time into it they force us to use what they make. Thank you for reading this and if you agree on what I say please leave an up-vote. Thank you :)
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